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Family & Divorce Law

Family & Divorce Law

The Firm represents clients in all family law matters, utilizing an effective and result-driven blend of legal acumen and empathy for each case, ensuring personalized and effective solutions for every family’s unique situation.

Premarital Agreements / Marital Agreements

Our firm represents clients in drafting and negotiating Premarital Agreements (Prenuptial Agreements – entered before marriage) as well as Marital Agreements (entered during marriage).

Restraining Orders

We represent clients on both sides of Domestic Violence Restraining Order and Civil Harassment Restraining Order disputes, including those seeking and those defending against Requests of the Court for protective orders.

About Us

The Law Office of Ian Van Leer, P.C. provides strategic and results-driven legal representation to family law and divorce clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We believe that each case requires a careful calculation and implementation of amicable negotiation and aggressive litigation. The firm represents clients in all aspects of family and divorce law.

At The Law Office of Ian Van Leer, we treat each case as unique to its specific circumstances and provide every client with personalized and effective legal representation. The firm’s policy is to knowledgeably represent your interests and strategically manage your case to help reach your objectives.

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